Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store
Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store
Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store
Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store
Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store
Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store
Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store
Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store
Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store
Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: i7-10870H  RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM, Warranty VAT - GreenGreen Store

Dell G15 120Hz Gaming Laptop: 10th Gen i7, RTX 3060 512GB, 16GB RAM Warranty VAT

£1,099.00 £795.00 SAVE 28%

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Item Condition:

RRP: £1099. A great condition, lightly used gaming laptop, checked & tested by our technicians (photos are of the listed unit). Comes with the charger in a repacked box. Has a 3-month RTB warranty with us. The service tag suggests Dell UK warranty until Nov 2022. (see photo 3, we're unable to transfer the ownership, sometimes still serviced). The screen is grade B (has a bright mark on the left side, see photo 4). The outside & inside look great (may have some wears, we haven't noticed much). The battery holds at least 90% capacity (checked by HWMonitor, estimation only). This unit has no DVD drive but an array of ports. Expect some normal heat & noise under use. Price includes 20% UK VAT (VAT invoice available upon request).

Spec (of the listed unit):

  • Intel Core i7-10870H 2.2GHz 8-Core Processor (TurboBoost upto 5.0Ghz, 16 Threads, 8 Cores)
  • Fast Core i7 processor to help you get work done faster.
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics (6GB Dedicated )
  • 120Hz 15.6-inch FHD IPS Display (1920x1080, Matte, non-touch)
  • 16GB RAM included
  • 512GB SSD included
  • Backlit Keypad (UK layout)
  • Wifi 6 AX, LAN, Bluetooth; 
  • Webcam, No DVD drive
  • Ports: Ethernet, 3x USB 3.2, 1x Thunderbolt 3, 3.5mm combo jack ,HDMI
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, Webcam
  • Dimensions: 357.26 x 272.11 x 23.33 mm, Weight - 2.65 kg

What's included:

  • Dell G15 5510 Gaming Laptop
  • AC Charger (with UK plug)
  • EU buyer: we can swap the UK plug for an EU plug cable.


We include a 3-month return to base warranty with us (from the date of delivery). 

Our technician will provide support (simply contact us). If the initial remote diagnostics shows the need, we may request for you to get the item to us for servicing (within 30 days, repair/replace, or refund available); after the initial 30 days, a refund will only be arranged if repair or replacement is not possible. After the initial 30 days, the onus of the postage cost is with the buyer. 

  • Backing up your data is your responsibility. Your computer will be reset during the repair (your data will be lost). This does not apply to cosmetic wear due to use, nor existing issue(s) already noted in the original listing, nor does it cover any consumable part (the battery & chargers are covered for 30 days only). During the service, if damage due to misuse is found, (e.g. liquid / drops, etc) then the cover will be voided (see warranty info). 
  • Dell laptop's service tag may show remaining manufacturer's warranty - any of such warranty will not be included as a part of the listing & should be regarded as a bonus strictly (this is because whilst often the manufacturer may service it without an ownership transfer, to be clear a transfer is sometimes required for laptops to be serviced), as such we stand by our own RTB warranty duration only as a part of this listing. Our upgraded parts are covered by our in-house warranty only.
Delivery & Return

Delivery Information

When ordering with GreenGreenStore, we offer:

  • Fast & Free delivery: a next weekdays service (DPD) in most of the UK (2 days in the Highlands/NI & remote areas).
  • Order before 11AM Monday to Thursday for next day delivery. We do offer a Saturday delivery option for a small charge for orders made before 11AM on a Friday. The Saturday option must be chosen at checkout, otherwise orders will be delivered on Monday (excluding bank holidays).
  • The courier will always be fully insured, for your peace of mind. 
  • You will not be able to choose the options of leave at a safe place or with a neighbour, due to the value of the goods sold.
  • You will be able to collect your order from a DPD parcel shop if are unable to be in for your delivery, you will need ID to collect your order. 
  • DPD may occasionally deliver your order to a parcel shop if you are not in, rather than retry delivery.


  • 30-days Return Period (the return is pre-paid, read more here).
  • Refunds will be issued within 2 business days once we have received your return. Once issued, it may take between 2-10 days for the funds to appear on your original payment method, this varies based on the source used. See our FAQ for more information on returns.
Grading Explained

Grading explained

We are focused on providing a detailed amount of product information, so that you could shop online with ease. We've made some notes to make it easier for you to browse here.
  • All of our items must pass functionality testing. Each device that we sell, may be in a different cosmetic condition.
  • There are 2 main ways to get a better sense of the condition (of the product).

    Firstly, the detailed photos & condition are available:

    • These are available for most of the products (when applicable).
    • They're aimed to be fair (though critical where needed), to give you a better sense of the condition.

    If there is something else that you'd like to ask which we've not covered, simply get in contact with us.

    Secondly, the Grading Shortcut (A / B+ / B / C) is available:

    This feature was added to help narrowing down the relevant products more easily. It is a single score grade, that confirms that the product meets a minimal standards (across: the screen,the inside casing, the outside casing & the amount of battery % remaining). The area which receives the lowest grading, then becomes the overall grading. For instance, if the screen is a Grade B, but for all other 3 areas are Grade A, it would be marketed as a Grade B laptop.

        What the Grading Shortcut (A / B+ / B / C) means:

        Grade A:

        This is best described as 'Like-new'. This means that the laptop is almost new or open-box. The laptop may have very small wears and/or marks, however these must be very limited or almost unnoticeable.

        Grade B+

        This is a laptop with a very good condition screen. It may have some wear on the keypad, bezel or trackpad and could have some visible wear on the exterior such as the lid or base. Tests on the battery will show over 60% of the battery charge available.

        Grade B 

        This describes a laptop with a good condition screen, with faint pressure marks, surface marks and up to 2 stuck pixels. It may have some wear on the keypad, bezel or trackpad and could have some visible wear on the exterior such as the lid or base. Tests on the battery will show over 60% of the battery charge available.

        Grade C 

        This is used to describe any laptop with a screen that could be described as in a functional condition (visible pressure marks & surface marks, over 2 stuck pixels). There could be heavy wear on the keyboard, trackpad or palmrest and there may be heavy wear and small marks on the exterior such as the lid or base. Tests on the battery will show over 60% of the battery charge available.

        Grading Shortcut (A / B+ / B / C) vs detailed description, what's better?

        • The Grading Shortcut is there to makes the initially narrowing down search easier. It's minimum standard focused.
        • Thephotos & detailed description will typically give you a better /fuller sense of the actual condition, once you've narrowed down thesearch. Many of our customers really enjoy this, as it gives them acloser sense of the product itself.
        Warranty & Repairs

        Warranty and repairs

        • Hardware warranty included. All items we provide include some Return-to-Base (RTB) hardware warranty with us (UK-wide only). This duration varies between 3 to 12 months, this is stated in the product description tab on each product page. This limited hardware warranty does not include accidental damage cover (e.g. from liquid damage/drops, etc). The battery & the charger both have 30 days warranty only.
        • Warranty Extensions: Warranty upgrades can be made during checkout, they can be selected just to the right of the product images above, or within 30 days of your order only, any warranty upgrades ordered more than 30 days after your order, will not be eligible for the extended coverage & will instead be refunded. Both the included warranty duration, and any upgraded warranty duration would remain a limited hardware warranty, and does not cover for liquid nor accidental damage.
        • Manufacturer Warranty: Items are backed by our in-house warranty period only, any remaining manufacturer warranty is not considered to be included as part of the listings. It should be regarded as a bonus only and we cannot guarantee that this will be honoured by the manufacturer.
        • Support: Our technicians will provide support within our in-house RTB warranty period. If you need warranty support, you may email us on, or reach us via the live chat, or office phone on 01782976280, Our office hours are 9am to 5pm weekdays. We can provide a basic level of software support.This includes simple Windows setup tips, etc (to help you getting started). To be clear: detailed software support, third party software support & software training is not included.
        • Repairs: Warranty Repairs can take an estimated 7-14 working days from when we receive the item. This may vary depending on the type of repair and the availability of parts if required. We do not offer any data recovery service, backing up your data is your responsibility. Within the first 30 days, we'll pay the postage cost to collect the item (for repair/replacement). After the first 30 days, we'd ask the customers to safely send the items to us (we'll still pay to send it back to you).

        You can find our full warranty terms & conditions here.

        Pricing & VAT

        VAT Explained

        Are the prices on the website inclusive VAT, or exclusive of VAT?

        The price we quote on the website are inclusive of VAT, so there is no additional VAT charge to worry about.

        Can I claim back the VAT on purchases on the GreenGreen Store?

        1. If you're eligible to claim-back the UK VAT normally (e.g. you're a VAT registered company or a similar entity), then you should be able to reclaim the VAT, if the item is sold as "Standard VAT" (as in it includes the 20% VAT). Some of the items on the GreenGreen Store are sold on the Standard VAT scheme.

        2. If a product, however, is sold on the VAT Margin Scheme, then you cannot claim the VAT back (the VAT is included in the price, but cannot be separately displayed).

        3. If you're a private individual, this does not affect you. The price you see is the price you pay.

          What is standard VAT?

          Goods sold on this includes the 20% UK VAT & if you’re a VAT registered business you may be able to claim this back.


          What is the VAT Margin Scheme?

          This is frequently used for second hand goods / refurbished products - where the price you see includes the VAT, but the VAT cannot be claimed back, nor displayed separately on the invoice. 

          Under this scheme, VAT is calculated on the margin (instead of on the selling price). The second-hand products sold on VAT margin, are not re-taxed again on its whole value (as they would have already been taxed once, when they were first sold), instead it's taxed just on the margin added. This is frequently used in the refurb market - as it encourages a more circular economy, by allowing the resale of second-hand goods at a more accessible price.


          How do I know which one it's sold on?

          The item description will confirm which VAT an item is sold on. Additionally, on our website, there is a filter on the left hand side to quickly find the laptops you need. The VAT selection is at the bottom of the list.

          How does the VAT Margin Scheme affect you?

          If you’re a consumer, then it doesn’t affect you at all. The price you see is the price you pay.

          If you're a VAT registered businesses (or other such organisation that could normally claim back the VAT on eligible purchases), then you will not be able to claim back the VAT on the goods sold on the VAT margin scheme.


          I'm buying for business, does it make sense to buy on VAT Margin?

          This depends on the item. You may sometimes find it more economical to buy the same product on the Standard VAT Scheme. That said, our product's pricing are benchmarked regularly (so it often could still makes sense to buy, even if it's on the VAT Margin Scheme, where you cannot reclaim the VAT).

          We recognise that businesses (B2B), and household consumers (B2C) often need different products. As a result, we’re gradually stocking more business focused laptops on the Standard VAT scheme, whilst keeping the VAT margin scheme range for the consumers.

          Refurbished Business Laptops

          Are you a business looking for laptops on the Standard VAT scheme? Check out our Refurbished Business Collection. If you can't find what you're looking for, add new stock every day so keep a lookout for more.

          Why Choose GreenGreen Store

          We focus on the products from the well-known brands, which we are confident about recommending. They've been thoroughly checked & tested through our processes (by our technicians). You could be assured that we pride ourselves on the quality products we sell, and the service we provide. Find more about us here.

          Customer Reviews

          The laptop (Zenbook Duo) was, delivered on time

          In the condition it was described, and I'd not been able to find one anywhere else for a similar price. Based on my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to to recommend the GreenGreen site to friends. In fact, I already did. While everyone can claim they act out of altruistic or environmental motivation this sometimes comes with an extra cost. Genuine service and you get what you are promised here.

          Paul, Feb 2024

          GreenGreen Store provided good & personal advice

          to enable me to choose the right laptop for my needs. The laptop arrived earlier than expected and the spec was as described. The condition of the laptop was better than expected. Very impressed with this company.

          Gemma, May 2023

          Happy camper

          Great value and great response and support when the carrier went off-piste with the goods.

          Chris, Apr 2023

          Got important bits right. Nice touches too.

          Well described listing, well designed website, fast delivery, thoughtful packaging, high quality product. Excellent value for money, on a high value product.

          Laurie, Mar 2023

          Excellent Service!

          Great value refurbished laptops with good clear and honest descriptions with their grading system. Quick delivery (2 days) and excellent pricing. Would 100% recommended GreenGreen Store to anyone looking for a good quality refurbished laptop.

          Ross, Feb 2023

          Trustworthy guys.

          Trustworthy guys. Laptop in great condition. If their delivery is DPD though you may want to choose a nearby dropoff center so you can pick it up from there. I did an unboxing video of the laptop because I was that excited and after using it for a couple of days, I still am.

          Sally, Jan 2023

          I bought a 2022 refurbished laptop from them and my experiece was great.

          Updated website, patient and attentive personnel on the phone, excellent packaging. Basically, everything went smooth from researching products to receiving my order.

          Sebastian, Dec 2022

          Great service.

          Reconditioned Dell arrived day after ordering, well packaged & in really nice condition. Wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

          Jim, Oct 2022

          One of the best services I've ever recieved.

          Came in amazing packaging, very cushioned and protected. The laptop itself looked like new for a refurbished product, spotless apart from a few tiny scratches that took a good deal of searching to find, and ontop of that came at an incredible price. All of the warranties and other info was neatly tucked into it. I will definitely be using them in the future, brilliant!

          Eli, Aug 2022

          High-end Laptops for Creatives and Engineers: Great Product, Nice Guys.

          These guys offer an interesting product and service: high-end laptops for Engineering and Creative folk (individuals and companies). They provided me with an excellent i9 DELL laptop - top notch, new condition. We had a telephone and they were very helpful, competent and genuine. Delivery: very fast/next day. I will be coming back!

          Boren, Jul 2022

          Best used computer seller.

          Bought two Dell CAD laptops for our small design office, top spec, items looked brand new, bought for a very reasonable price. Great communication, kept up to date until lap tops were delivered. They were securely and professionally packaged. Best of luck keep up the great services.

          Ben, Jun 2022

          Great Service.

          GreenGreen store was recommended to me by a friend. Laptop arrived super fast, exactly as described, great price. I'd deffo buy here again, and recommend them to others.

          Ray, Jun 2022

          2nd Purchase.

          This was my 2nd purchase, and once again I'm delighted both with the quality of the laptop and especially the price.

          Raymond, Jun 2022

          Brilliant and wonderful service.

          My laptop arrived the next day and the packing was very professional and extremely secure. My laptop worked straight out of the box and I am delighted with my purchase. Thank you.

          David, Jun 2022

          Exactly as ordered.

          Very quick delivery and great to keep used but still useful hardware up and running.

          Mark, May 2022

          Very good price and very helpful.

          Very good price and very helpful customer service including courtesy call about parcel delivery which was a very nice touch.

          Patrick, May 2022

          Couldn't fault the service

          Couldn't fault the service, helpful with questions, fast delivery, laptop in good condition and they give you 30 days to consider the purchase with free return!

          Nic, May 2022