VAT Explained

Are the prices on the website inclusive VAT, or exclusive of VAT?

The price we quote on the website are inclusive of VAT, so there is no additional VAT charge to worry about.

Can I claim back the VAT on purchases on the GreenGreen Store?

1. If you're eligible to claim-back the UK VAT normally (e.g. you're a VAT registered company or a similar entity), then you should be able to reclaim the VAT, if the item is sold as "Standard VAT" (as in it includes the 20% VAT). Some of the items on the GreenGreen Store are sold on the Standard VAT scheme.

2. If a product, however, is sold on the VAT Margin Scheme, then you cannot claim the VAT back (the VAT is included in the price, but cannot be separately displayed).

3. If you're a private individual, this does not affect you. The price you see is the price you pay.

    What is standard VAT?

    Goods sold on this includes the 20% UK VAT & if you’re a VAT registered business you may be able to claim this back.


    What is the VAT Margin Scheme?

    This is frequently used for second hand goods / refurbished products - where the price you see includes the VAT, but the VAT cannot be claimed back, nor displayed separately on the invoice. 

    Under this scheme, VAT is calculated on the margin (instead of on the selling price). The second-hand products sold on VAT margin, are not re-taxed again on its whole value (as they would have already been taxed once, when they were first sold), instead it's taxed just on the margin added. This is frequently used in the refurb market - as it encourages a more circular economy, by allowing the resale of second-hand goods at a more accessible price.


    How do I know which one it's sold on?

    The item description will confirm which VAT an item is sold on. Additionally, on our website, there is a filter on the left hand side to quickly find the laptops you need. The VAT selection is at the bottom of the list.

    How does the VAT Margin Scheme affect you?

    If you’re a consumer, then it doesn’t affect you at all. The price you see is the price you pay.

    If you're a VAT registered businesses (or other such organisation that could normally claim back the VAT on eligible purchases), then you will not be able to claim back the VAT on the goods sold on the VAT margin scheme.


    I'm buying for business, does it make sense to buy on VAT Margin?

    This depends on the item. You may sometimes find it more economical to buy the same product on the Standard VAT Scheme. That said, our product's pricing are benchmarked regularly (so it often could still makes sense to buy, even if it's on the VAT Margin Scheme, where you cannot reclaim the VAT).

    We recognise that businesses (B2B), and household consumers (B2C) often need different products. As a result, we’re gradually stocking more business focused laptops on the Standard VAT scheme, whilst keeping the VAT margin scheme range for the consumers.

    Refurbished Business Laptops

    Are you a business looking for laptops on the Standard VAT scheme? Check out our Refurbished Business Collection. If you can't find what you're looking for, add new stock every day so keep a lookout for more.