Warranty and repairs

  • Hardware warranty included. All items we provide includes some Return-to-Base (RTB) hardware warranty with us (UK-wide only). This duration varies between 3 to 12 months (stated on the product page & starts on the date of delivery. Any hardware upgrades, such as RAM & SSD, made will be covered by this in-house duration only). This limited hardware warranty does not include accidental damage cover (e.g. from liquid damage/drops, etc). The battery & the charger have 30 days warranty only.
  • The battery & the charger both both have 30 days warranty only. Any accessoires purchased will have 30 days warranty only.
  • Software tech Support: we can provide a basic level of software support.This includes simple Windows setup tips, etc (to help you getting started). To be clear: detailed software support & software training is not included (e.g. how to use a CAD app / how to render an assembly, etc), and should be directed at the relevant software/hardware vendors.
  • Backing up your data is your responsibility. YourPC / laptop will be reset during the repair (your data will be lost). We do not offer any data recovery service. Within the first 30 days, we'llpay the postage cost to collect the item (for repair/replacement). After the first 30 days, we'd ask the customers to safely send the items to us (we'll still pay to send it back to you).
  • Warranty Extensions. Warranty upgrades can be made during checkout or within 30 days of your order only, any warranty upgrades ordered more than 30 days after your order, will not be eligible for the extended coverage & will instead be refunded. Both the included warranty duration, and any upgraded warranty duration would remain a limited hardware warranty, and does not cover for liquid nor accidental damage.
  • Repairs. Warranty Repairs can take an estimated 7-14 working days from when we receive the item. This may vary depending on the type of repair and the availability of parts if required.

How does it work?
Just get in contact with us if you need support. If it cannot be resolved remotely, we may request you to send your item to us.
Items are backed by our in-house warranty period
Any remaining manufacturer warranty is not considered to be included as part of the listings. It should be regarded as a bonus only and we cannot guarantee that this will be honoured by the manufacturer.
Item damaged in transit?
In case of damage in transit, please inform us by email no more than 7 working days after the delivery.

Contact info:

Our technicians will provide support within our in-house RTB warranty period. If you need warranty support, you may email us on, or reach us via the live chat, or office phone on 01782976280. 
Our office hours is 9am-5pm weekdays.

Warranty extensions:

If you wish to extend your warranty within 30 days of your order, you can do so here. This optional warranty upgrade option is exclusively for the website orders (which are placed directly on websonly). Orders made from our other channels, e.g. eBay, would not be eligible for this upgrade option.

Full Warranty Terms:
We reserve the right to update the terms for new orders onwards, without notice. Aug 2023 update. In additional to the Terms of Service, the notes below sets out our warranty exclusion (what is not covered under warranty). Dates are in calendar days unless specified otherwise.

The in-house warranty provided by SMT Commerce Ltd trading as GreenGreenStore is a limited hardware warranty, in short, it does not cover for accidental nor liquid damage. We do not offer data recovery service (customer is responsible solely for their devices' data). For detailed "warranty exclusion", please find as below:

  1.  Our warranty does not cover accidental damage, nor liquid damage. If a product is damaged by accident, abuse, catastrophe, improper use (including failure to heed instructions or warnings), improper maintenance, inadequate packaging, neglect, misuse, operator error, the warranty will be considered void.
  2. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, including without limitation, to a Product or Product accessory or part that is consumable or expendable. Both the charger & the battery shall have 30 days warranty with us only. Examples of the normal wear, could include but is not limited to, the trackpad becoming more shiny from use; casing becoming scratched from use; the LCD screen developing surface marks / dead pixels / stuck pixels from continuous uses; or item overheating due to blocked fans, etc. Normal wear will be assessed by GreenGreen Store, before carrying out any warranty work.
  3. Our warranty does not cover the product if it has been damaged by external cause, including but not limited to, corrosion, falls, environmental factors (including temperature and humidity), power failure, faulty power supply, air conditioning, operator, data communications system failure or malfunction.
  4. Our warranty does not cover data recovery nor data transfer. Damage to or loss of any data, program, or removable storage media are not covered. In repair / replacement cases, we may be required to reload the Operating System, which will wipe the data. We suggest for our customers to frequently backup their data externally & on the cloud.
  5. Our warranty will be voided, if the product is damaged due to alterations, changes, modifications, repair, or other services performed by a third party that is not authorized by SMT Commerce Ltd in writing in advance. To that end, we reserve the right to void the warranty, if the warranty sticker on the device has been tampered with/removed.
  6. Our warranty does not cover damage or loss of your item after the delivery.
  7. Our warranty does not cover any hardware or software incompatibility issue(s). We can optionally assist with basic Windows troubleshooting, however we do not currently provide software specific support. We do not currently provide Linux support, and do not guarantee the device will work with a different Operating System to what it was running at the time of sale.
  8. Our warranty does not cover the support for, or compatibility with any 3rd party devices / accessories not sold by us. This includes installation, relocation, or removal of Product or any accessories, apparatus, attachments or other devices; nor does it cover product accessory, apparatus, attachment, or devices that are not originally bundled with the Product, or is not provided by SMT Commerce Ltd.
  9. Our warranty does not cover any product that is not purchased from the GreenGreen Store Online Store.
  10. Our warranty does not cover any product that is outside of the in-house warranty duration and is not covered by our support. If you require support for a device outside of our warranty period, you may still contact us, where we may be able to signpost manufacturer's own out of warranty support contact information.
  11. Where the original order's delivery address is a UK address, the coverage of the warranty shall strictly be limited to the UK region only, and only available as return-to-base warranty in the UK (no onsite warranty).
  12. Our warranty does not cover OLED screen's "burn-in" effects.

Terms: Making an order
We reserve the right to update the terms for new orders onwards, without notice. Aug 2023 update.

  1. We do not offer to include any of the device manufacturer's third party apps on the laptops, nor will the laptops we supply have the original manufacturer's recovery media, nor recovery partition on the drive (unless otherwise stated). 
  2. We aim to provide detailed spec so you have more info when you make a purchase. However, unless a feature or spec is specially stated in our description, we do not promise the feature will exist. Minimum /lowest spec is to be presumed unless otherwise specified.
  3. In the "What's included" area of each product we will provide insights into what will be included in the box. No additional accessories nor manuals etc will be included unless specifically stated.
  4. Physical accessories shipped with a device (e.g. mouse / keypad, etc) are covered by 30 calendar days warranty only; replacement, repair / refund will be available within the first 30 calendar days from delivery. Items may be dispatched in multiple packages.
  5. Any RAM/SSD upgrades purchased from GreenGreen Store, will carry the same warranty as the device purchased (and are covered by the eligible in-house warranty extension duration if purchased).
  6. Removed components (SSD, RAM etc) from upgrades will be retained by GreenGreen Store and not be included with the purchase in exchange for lower overall upgrade costs.
  7. Software such as Norton Anti-Virus, and Microsoft Office packages cannot be returned. The other portion of the order (e.g. a laptop) can still be refunded, if within the eligible return period, in the same condition.
  8. Devices we sell cannot be re-registered with manufacturers. The refurbished devices may have previously been registered with the manufacturer by the original user, as a result, cannot be re-registered by the GreenGreen customer; some services may no longer be available as result. Asus specific: devices cannot be re-registered with Asus for MyAsus value added service. Dell specific: we cannot transfer the ownership of the Dell devices (sometimes still serviced without a transfer, though sometimes an ownership transfer is required; we stand behind our own warranty duration only).
  9. If you have paid for any shipping upgrade, such as Saturday delivery, the postage cost is non-refundable.

Full Terms related to return / repair:
We reserve the right to update the terms for new orders onwards, without notice. Oct 2023 update.

  1. Repair & Refund Explained: Within the first 30 days of the delivery: a) repair; b) replace (best-effort-basis); or c) refund options are available (we will arrange pre-paid collection at our cost). You have a 14-day legal right to return your item from the delivery date, and then are legally required to return your item to us within a further 14 days from the request to return. We provide an additional period in which you can return your item up to 30 days after the date of delivery. For this period (15-30 days after delivery date) you are required to return the item within 7 days of your request.
  2. After the initial 30 days of the delivery: a refund will only be arranged if neither repair nor replacement are possible; the responsibility of the postage cost is shifts to the buyer (for inbound repairs). After the first 6 month of the delivery: the repair/replacement will be quoted options only (unless the item was sold with longer than 6M warranty or have been purchased with an eligible warranty upgrade).
  3. We cannot offer EU/international courier options (for the purposes of return or servicing), where the original order shipping address was UK based.
  4. GreenGreen Store arranged collection service: after the initial 30 days, we may offer insured courier collection service at £15 inc VAT each journey (e.g. for collection purposes for repair, etc). Where the courier is paid for by GreenGreen Store directly, we would be responsible for loss or damage incurred in transit provided the customer securely & tapes the item(s). 
  5. We require photos of the devices before they're sent back (to confirm the condition). 
  6. The pre-paid return within the first 30 days of the delivery, is limited to one pre-paid collection per order. Where a customer has not made a full return of all the items ordered in the first attempt (including but not limited to any accessories / accessories); the subsequent cost to collect any missing item will be chargeable £15 per collection instance, deductable at the refund. Any refund can only be issued once all the items are returned fully, as sent. Where the customer requests to retain parts of the order, we will issue partial refund minus the retained items.
  7. If you have requested a collection, but then missed the collection that you have requested, we reserve the rights to pass on £10 inc VAT surcharge from the courier company, before arranging the next collection. This cost is only incurred if you've missed a collection. As result if you can no longer attend a collection slot, it is important to let us know at least 2 working hours before the collection slot, so this cost could be waived & we can reschedule a collection for no additional cost to you.
  8. We can only assist with repair/refund if the item gets to us safely. The customer may alternatively send us their devices (after letting us know), using a courier of their own choosing. To be clear, if a courier service is not paid directly for by GreenGreen Store, then it is the customer's responsibility solely to package securely & insure sufficiently to protect from loss/damage during transit. GreenGreen Store cannot assist if the parcel is damaged or lost where we have not directly paid for a courier service.
  9. Record-keeping: Our items are thoroughly tested & logged for security reasons before shipping. We will record the item's serial number & condition. Where the item is flagged as not received, we may register the serial with loss and theft databases to help prevent any fraudulent use or reselling of the item.
  10. We are not able to supply serial number before the item is delivered. This is to ensure the privacy of the end-customer. 
  11. Items we ship will typically have additionally warranty sticker applied, this means the item is identifiable to us. This sticker must remain intact, to be eligible for the refund (unless there has been previous agreement with GreenGreen Store in writing).
  12. All returns are delivered end-to-end to a CCTV audited site. Where an empty box/different item is returned, we reserve the rights to investigate, report & liaise with the relevant authorities as necessary to recover the items.
  13. In some instances, GreenGreen Store reserves the rights to accept a return minus a 15% restocking fee (depending on the condition & level of use). This mainly applies to (but is not limited to) if any of the following occur: a) if the returned item remains functional, but now shows significant normal cosmetic wears/marks beyond the condition when it was sold (to be clear: we're unable to refund any return, if they show any sign of accidentally or liquid damaged); b) if the return is requested late but still within the goodwill period (goodwill period is defined as outside of the 30 days period from delivery, but within the first 45 days of the delivery); or c) if the item returned is incomplete due to missing accessories (if shipped with) or missing original boxes (if shipped with), or has a damaged original box compared to the condition when shipped (restocking fee does not apply if you no longer have our "repacked boxes" & does not apply if "original box" was not sent with the item).
  14.  Excessive return monitoring: GreenGreen store reviews the account level return continuously. If a buyer's account has higher than average percentage of return, the store reserves the rights to review the account & issue an account closure if required (where future orders placed subsequently, may be cancelled without notice). Should a buyer have product queries before buying, one may simply get in contact (the store is happy to assist with product related queries); however, to be clear, GreenGreen Store cannot support nor facilitate sustained "buy to try" purchasing pattern).