Grading Criteria

*Updated Monday 20th March 2024

Grading explained:

We are focused on providing a detailed amount of product information, so that you could shop online with ease. We've made some notes to make it easier for you to browse here.

  • All of our items must pass functionality testing. Each device that we sell, may be in a different cosmetic condition.
  • There are 2 main ways to get a better sense of the condition (of the product).

    Firstly, the detailed photos & condition are available: 

    • These are available for most of the products (when applicable).
    • They're aimed to be fair (though critical where needed), to give you a better sense of the condition.
    If there is something else that you'd like to ask which we've not covered, simply get in contact with us.

    Secondly, the Grading Shortcut is available:

    This feature was added to help narrowing down the relevant products more easily. It is a single score grade, that confirms that the product meets a minimal standard (across:the screen, the inside casing, the outside casing). The area which receives the lowest grading, thenbecomes the overall grading. For instance, if the screen is a Grade B,but for all other 3 areas are Grade A, it would be marketed as a Grade Blaptop.

    What the Grading Shortcut means

    (Open-Box / Never Used / A / B / C)

    • Open-Box / Never Used
    • Grade A
    • Grade: B
    • Grade C

    A like-new unit, may be an open box product or may have been unsealed by us. These units will not have been by an end user, only by our in-house technicians. The laptop may have very small wears and/or marks, however these must be very limited or almost unnoticeable.

    This is a laptop with a very good condition screen. It may have somewear on the keypad, bezel or trackpad and could have some visible wearon the exterior such as the lid or base. Tests on the battery will showover 60% of the battery charge available.

    This describes a laptop with a good condition screen, with faintpressure marks, surface marks and up to 2 stuck pixels. It may have somewear on the keypad, bezel or trackpad and could have some visible wearon the exterior such as the lid or base.

    This is used to describe any laptop with a screen that could bedescribed as in a functional condition (visible pressure marks &surface marks, over 2 stuck pixels). There could be heavy wear on thekeyboard, trackpad or palmrest and there may be heavy wear and smallmarks on the exterior such as the lid or base.

    Grading Shortcut (Open-Box / Never Used/ A / B / C) vs detailed description, what's better?

    • The Grading Shortcut is there to make the initially narrowing down search easier. It's minimum standard focused.
    • The photos & detailed description will typically give you a better / fuller sense of the actual condition, once you've narrowed down the search. Many of our customers really enjoy this, as it gives them a closer sense of the product itself.