Welcome to GreenGreen Store & our Blog

We're delighted to welcome you to GreenGreen Store and to our Blog.

What is GreenGreen Store?

GreenGreen Store is an online retailer based in the UK, specialising in premium refurbished and like-new electronics, selling laptops, desktops and cameras.

We are focused on providing our customers with great value, quality products and the service to match.

What should I expect when buying from GreenGreen Store?

Buying from GreenGreen Store is very simple.

All of our items must pass functionality testing, and are ready to use out of the box.

The items you’ll see will have detailed photos & condition descriptions are available for most of our products, to give you a better idea of the condition, so you can buy with confidence. We also give a grading to our items, based on Grade A to C, so you can navigate our range of items quicker.

What makes GreenGreen Store different?

At GreenGreen Store, we focus on the products from well-known brands, which we are confident about recommending. We specialise in business grade machines that benefit from a better build quality, with a particular focus on computers for Computer Aided Design (CAD).

We pride ourselves on the quality of products we sell, and the service we provide.

 All of the products that we offer come with our in-house warranty, plus fast and free delivery.

What is GreenGreen Store's Blog for?

Our blog serves a few functions. First, it's where we'll make announcements about what's in the pipeline and changes we've made to the website.

Second, it's where we'll post guides and tips related to the the products we sell.

Third, we'll provide advice on buying refurbished products and from time to review the options available to you.