Part 1: Buying New, Used, or refurbished - what are your options?

Buying New

New is fresh from the manufacturer; it hasn’t been used by anyone else, you’re the first person to get your hands on it. Brand new is the best if you’re looking for quality above all, but it is the more costly option.

Buying Used


Used is any second hand product; it has already been purchased and is being sold after it has been put to use. Quality can range from never leaving the box to the box being more functional and may or may not include any accessories, but it will likely be discounted to match the condition, and should be very affordable.

Buying Refurbished

Refurbished is also used, however the difference is quality assurance, refurbished has been checked and tested to be functional. There will also be a description of the condition of the item so you know what you’re buying, and may have extras such as accessories and the original packaging. While not new, there is some guarantee on the functionality, so the pricing sits below new while typically being not as cheap as used. 

Product Descriptions

Part 2: What should you expect with your purchase


What you get buying new

Any product sold as new should be in pristine condition, unused, be in original packaging and included any accessories. This is usually from a manufacturer (e.g. Dell) or a retailer directly. This includes functional things such as a charger, but also any extras like logo stickers, etc. You’ll typically also get the manufacturer’s full original warranty on the item, without worrying about the warranty needing to be transferred as you’re the original owner. Any other bonuses or bundle that comes with the item (for example a free game code with a gaming laptop) will also be included.

What you get buying used from private sales

When buying used goods privately (e.g. on Gumtree, etc or via local marketplaces, etc), the experience could often vary wildly. The condition and contents of a used product is entirely based on the seller. The functionality aren't necessarily checked, and typically you do not get any warranty (should it be needed). Accessories, similarly the condition, can also vary wildly.

What you get buying "Refurbished"

Buying refurbished: can be a more reassuring experience (than buying used privately), and more accessible in the pricing (than buying new).

Here at the GreenGreen Store:

  • All item must pass the functionality tests. They'll have been checked by our in-house technician (any functionality imperfections, would be clearly noted).
  • All items will have some in-house warranty, for your peace of mind.
  • The cosmetic condition are clear. We include detailed photos & description, so you could shop with confidence.
    • Our premium Grade A range, provides you the option to buy laptops, which are not far in cosmetic condition to buying new (and often represent a significant saving over buying new)
    • Our grade B / B+ are often even more accessible in the price.
  • Our items typically come in a re-packed box (unless otherwise stated). The charger is typically included (unless otherwise stated); we do not include any extra accessories, unless otherwise stated.



Part 3: Summary

Buying new, used or refurbished all have their places in the market. The used and refurbished products wouldn’t be available without customers having bought new equipments (which provides the best condition of product).

Buying used provides the most affordable option for those more concerned about functionality over aesthetics, and refurbished provides a middle ground, providing good service while being cheaper than new. 

We hope this helps clarify your options while looking for your next purchase.